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something we all need to practice more of. Understanding + patience have been two words ringing in my head over and over and over again this week. Often times we become so quick to criticize, critique, frustrate, assume, anger, and judge, and we lose sight of everything else because we are so consumed with how we perceive something to be or think it should operate.

I’ve found myself in the midst of many situations in the past few weeks that have left me thinking, hurting, sick inside, and generally wanting better for people! This whole week I have been kept up at night with a full head and heavy heart, just thinking about conversations I’ve heard or comments that are made, and it makes me want so deeply to see change.

When you carry negativity around with you, it tears those around you down, even if you don’t realize it. We need to be cautious. Intentional about what we take on, because once we become consistently negative in one area of life, it can become a natural reaction or habit to respond negatively in all other areas of life. It will begin to pour out of the cracks without you even realizing there were cracks there to begin with.

We begin to pick every ounce of everything a part, and allow the most simple things to offend or frustrate us. We give so much power to such materialistic things and moments that have upset us, and it’s truly sad.

What if instead of allowing something so small to frustrate us, we responded out of understanding? We don’t know everything that everyone is going through, and what pain or obstacles they are facing. What if we responded out of curiosity or an underlining understanding that someone may operate differently than you do?

I wish people would realize that you would have so much more power over any situation if you learned that the only thing you can control is your own response. You can choose wether or not you let it take root and affect you. You can choose to wallow and linger in it, or let go and move on. You can choose to let it tear you down or build you up. You can choose to let it motivate you to be better, or allow it to hold you back.

Every second of every day you have the choice to blend in, or to set the example for others. What are you going to do?

Those moments of confusion and of frustration, the ones where you could make a comment or comeback, are each opportunities to rise above. To be an example. Opportunities to look past your own preferences and see that the world is made up of people who don’t all think or operate the same.

We can each make a positive impact in our world when we choose to see the blessing that each individual is hand crafted by God, and in their own way are unique and beautiful!

What is your response going to be? Are you going to blend in, or stand out?

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