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The POWER of change.

Ever wonder how change comes about? I find myself thinking about that often. How flowers bloom, how snow melts, how a baby develops, how a person changes in their stye, taste, interests, etc. It all amazes me. Sometimes change occurs and we don’t even realize until a lot further down the road. We become so accustomed to something and the way it operates, that when the time comes and it's wheel turns in a different direction, we don’t know how to respond.

I've experienced a lot of change in my life. Good and bad. No matter what it may be, I think that it always comes with a time of adjustment. We have to take in the new information so to speak, evaluate how we feel about it, and adjust to the differences. It’s.not.easy. 

If you are like me, change may be difficult. I’m a type 1, the perfectionist. I love order and patterns, and being in control. You see, the thing with change is that you can’t always have control over it. Especially if it is someone else who is changing. It’s not like you can just tell them to stop. Boy wouldn’t that be nice though? 

Something I have been trying to learn is that change isn’t always a bad thing. If we remained the way we were our entire lives, we wouldn’t be the person we are today. If change didn’t happen in me, I would still be the shy girl who knew nothing about America. And get this, if I didn’t change, I would still not like coffee. Thank God for change in that area, am I right?!

I think that change is hard because it puts us out of our comfort zone. We find comfort in the things we are familiar with, and if that begins to change, it takes away a sense of being safe and protected. But here’s something cool about change; What if it was something bad that turned into something incredible? What if it were feelings of friendship that changed into romantic feelings? We will never know how it will turn out until we are in the midst of it. 

One thing I have personally learned about change is that GROWTH always comes with it, in one way or another. If it’s a good change or bad, growth comes from the situation. 

When I broke up with my first boyfriend, it was extremely difficult on me because I lost a lot of people that I cared about in the process. It was a huge change to go from having certain people that played a big role in my life, and then all of a sudden not having them there. Now I look back at it and I realized that if it didn’t take place, I would not be the person I am today. I like the person I am today.

That was an extremely hard process and as it happened I was mad. You see God allows us to change and go through these hard seasons not because he wants us to be in pain or to suffer, but because he knows how much we will obtain from the growth that comes from it. I was fine with who I was then, but now I look back at how I was and I see a shy, curious, lost girl who felt a huge gap in her heart. When I went through the process of changing in that season and I was falling apart, I decided to truly put my trust in the Lord. For the first time ever, the gap disappeared, and hasn’t come back. 

If I hadn’t allowed that change to take place, my faith would not be what it is today. I have a fire in my soul and heart that wants to know everything God has for me. I want to see others grow closer to him and experience him at another level. My heart didn’t care about that before. Thank God for change. 

CHANGE is something we all need to be accepting towards. It is the door to new opportunities. The world needs you, but it needs you in different seasons for different things, and if you don’t allow yourself to develop then you are holding your best back from potentially making such a big impact. 

Don’t keep yourself from giving the world your best! I have a feeling that who you are, is one aspect that this world really needs. Think about it this way; The Lord looked at this world and literally thought that it was missing something, and created YOU! He looked at 7 billion people and said “There are all these people but it's missing a piece to complete it.” He then took the time to hand craft you, because he knew how special you would be and how you would change this world. Mind. Blown. 

Be open minded and allow yourself to become the best version of you! The world isn’t whole without you.

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