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Happiness, flowing from a cup.

We all want to be in relationship with other people. And I don't mean romantic, although we do want that too, I mean friendship. Some people connect over sports, work, music, hobbies, kids, movies, shows, etc. When I think back at some of the times I have connected most with people, it has always been over a cup of coffee. I know, all you tea lovers are judging me right now, but I don't mean what's necessarily in the cup, just the comfort the cup gives us. I feel like going for coffee is such an easy way to get to know someone and it not be awkward planning the get together. Especially for first dates. Just go for coffee. It's simple, and not awkward to plan.

Let's be honest, whether we go for coffee, tea, or any other drink, we don't usually go for what's in the cup, but who you are going for the cup with. It opens the door for deep conversations and the opportunity to get to know someone, even someone you have known for years. It's a good way for people in all stages of life to spend time together, and what's in the cup is definitely a plus.

Community is something we all need. You may not realize it now, but everyone needs someone. Someone they can talk to, someone that can listen. I remember how much I craved community while I lived on the mission field. There was a time in a small village in the Dominican Republic where I felt like a local. Like I was apart of their community. I was walking in the rain and a nice, older, very kind lady invited me into her home.

Ever know or have something and not use it for awhile, but then you need to use it and then forget about it or can't find it? Yeah, that was me in that moment. I speak very good Spanish, but in that moment I completely blanked. I sat in the quietness, on a plastic chair on her tiny patio because I couldn't remember a single word. I could understand, but for some reason I just couldn't get the words out right. She looked at me and said "Cafe?" and I shook my head yes.

Once she brought me the cup of coffee, the words flew back and at that point I realized that it was actually a blessing that I had lost them. I now had something to talk about, something to connect with her about. If I hadn't lost my words I would have probably been trying to make a bunch of small talk when I first got there. I mean I was in a stranger's house.

We talked about the process of how she makes coffee in her "greca". She took my into her kitchen to teach me, so that I could make it the Dominican way for the locals at our feeding center. It gave us something to connect upon. A way to bond with few words.

It's all about the comfort of the cup and the warmth that comes from it.

There are many ways to connect with people, many things to bond over. It doesn't have to be the same thing for every person. What helps me may not help you, it just has to be something that you know works for you. Something that brings connection.

C OM M U N I T Y is what we all need. Laughter, joy, someone to hold our arms up and someone for us to hold.

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