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P U R P O S E L Y   C A L L E D

                        - bold & confident  -
CALI - 2022

I was born in South East Asia, in Cebu Philippines. I lived there until I was four years old and then moved with my family to the Dominican Republic, where I lived for over 14 years. After moving back to the states I realized how rewarding it was to have had all these experiences all over the globe, and how I could use them to touch other people. I want this page to be very transparent, open and real. A place where you can come and read about my life, feelings, experiences, mistakes, and joyful moments, in hopes that it can help you grow in some area of your life. I was given a lifestyle that not many get to live, and although it was very difficult, it doesn't compare to how rewarding it was! I am now living in Tampa Florida, where I will be attending college in the Spring. 


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